10 May 2021 / Club News


It’s Official




Forty years after reforming the Club in the bar(s) of “The Britt” we became a legal entity on 10th May 2021, incorporating as Crickhowell Rugby Limited


Who would have thought that something that started from friendly rivalry and banter, and a bar challenge, would lead years later to a limited company being established. For that, tribute must be paid to all those who have led and served the Club through this time, both on and off the field. We remember the leadership first provided by landlord Roy Williams, and the early stirling work by people such as Tony Coles. They worked hard just to be able to find a places to play our games, and leading eventually to the courageous decision to buy 5.6 acreas of land that became our fabulous permanent home - Park Broyd, named of course after one of our greatest supporters, Bob Broyd.


We shouldn’t forget that because we have, throughout the forty years, operated as a voluntary sports organisation, all those officers that have served on the committees throughout that time have done so carrying personal legal liability for the decisions they took on behalf of the Club. This personal liability also extended to the Trustees in whose names Parc Broyd has been legally held since 1985, beginning with Roy Williams and Tony Coles, and later on with Colin James, Mal Powell, Lawrence Watts and Alun Tandy. There have been many more of course. We acknowledge a debt of gratitude to all of them for their committment to the Club. Now that we have incorporated, our “new directors” will have indemnity for the decisions they make on behalf of the Club (provided of course they are legal ones 😱 😂), and Park Broyd has now been transferred from the Trustees to become an asset of Crickhowell Rugby Limited.


And so to the present day and what’s next under the leadership of our current forward thinking committee aka 🙈 🙊 🙉 (Lawrence Watts, Steve Carrington, Bleddyn Carrington, Thomas Harding, Marc Cule, Owen Miles and Ed Jones). Well the next step is we can now immediately register the Club with HMRC as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC). As we have explained in previous communications, this will further cement the protected status of Parc Broyd to continue as a sports and community venue in Crickhowell for generations to come. A new Club constitution also becomes effective from 10th May to reflect our limited company status, and we will manage the incorporated company under our Articles of Association. We will be writing to our new Full Membership group in the near future to explain in detail, the impact of these changes and make available a copy of the new constitution. Then there’s the small matter of building a new Pavillion Club House which will be another milestone in our history and further grow the Club’s place within the WRU and our community role in Crickhowell and its surrounding villages. We have now overtaken the 50% mark toward our fund target of £90K and have a comprehensive funding plan in place to meet our goal of completing the building by summer 2022.



All that remains is to get back on the field. Our seniors started back training last week with a great turn out, our mini’s/juniors group are now numbering almost 50 and our thriving Walking Rugby Vets have already pencilled in their return to festival competitions at Bristol in August (bring home the Cup from England guys).Lets hope we can still salvage some great celebrations to mark our 40th anniversary this year. In the words of our Chairman (he only has two 😂) ….up and up 🎈🎈


But most importantly ….a huge thank you to all our members and supporters over the past forty years. You are at the heart of our " Big Little Club".

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